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Resort Layout


Ralph's Place is situated on a hill and is divided upper and lower levels. Please note that every room is only accessible via stairs. Our Premier rooms and Studios offer stunning views of the green and jacuzzi area, and require 30 to 40 steps to reach. Our budget-friendly deluxe rooms are located closest to the in-house restaurant. The private rustic-chic Bungalows and Apartments offer a breathtaking view and require 86 steps to reach, but the climb is definitely worth it.


1.   Reception

2.   1st Tier
      -Deluxe Rooms

3.   2nd Tier
      - Premier Rooms
      - Superior Rooms
      - Honeymoon Room

      3rd Tier
4.   2 Bedroom Apartment
5.   Bungalow Apartment
6.   Garden Bungalow
7.    Cliff Bungalow
8.    Gate Bungalow
9.    Private Residence
10.  Private Residence
11.   Tree Bungalow
12.  View House
13.  Duplex
14.  Native Bungalow

Resort Map




Bolabog Beach

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